I’m seriously considering getting a VPN and the recent article was very helpful. But a question: When you use a VPN then you need to enter different DNS servers on your computer? Or router? How does that work? If you put that info into your computer do you also need to put that same info to everything connected to the internet, like Apple TV, using that specific DNS server? I’m a little confused on how that works.

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Hey, Jon and thanks for the great question. If you're using a VPN service one computer or on one smartphone/tablet, there's nothing YOU need to change. The software that the VPN company allows you to download once you've started your trial (or paid) membership includes the actual application that you'll need AND the correct DNS preference files. There's nothing for you to do beyond that.

As most VPN memberships include using their software up 3-5 computers or devices, you'd simply install the software on each device.

Some VPNs do allow you to install them at the router level, but most commercial routers don't make doing that possible. I happen to use a Synology router which DOES allow for that, but honestly: it's overkill for the average user. You can just install the same application on each device and be just as successful.

I use Nord based on my needs and they've got a fab Wiki on setting up their Mac app here: https://nordvpn.com/tutorials/x-mac-os-x/app-recommended-for-osx-10-10/.

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