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Episode #100: Taylor Swift, AI, & The Problem of Deep Fakes

Get ready, friends: a new era of hacking, tricking, and fooling has already begun.

For those interested in learning more about using AI to create deepfakes for the GOOD of humanity, I encourage you to check out the website I’ve been exploring for a few months now: HeyGen (affiliate link here). You can try it out for free - yes, seriously - to see how it works. If you like it enough to make a purchase, and begin using the technology for yourself, using my link will earn me a small commission.

But I won’t thank you for that: Richard Nixon will.

Lastly, there’s this FABULOUS article from the Brennan Center about the push for legislation for A.I. and how the matter of deep fakes is of such national concern and interest. It’s very worth your time to read.

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