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Episode #90: There Is No "Free" in Technology

Episode #90: There Is No "Free" in Technology

A Stunning Offer & A Cautionary Tale

The Sweet, Sweet Bait

Friends, how would you like a state-of-the-art 55” flat-screen TV and sound system… for FREE?

This is not a joke. You can totally get one of these and I’ll share the link with you after I describe all of the aMAZing shit this device can do.

Just have a look at this stunning piece of hardware! The top portion is, of course, the TV. The bottom portion is an integrated SECOND SCREEN that shows you additional information about what you’re watching as well as other widgets of information you might like to view like stocks, the weather, and more.

And, right there in the middle - joining the two screens - is a kick-ass sound bar so you’ll get awesome sound quality from its 6 audio drivers.

But wait, there’s more:

  • You can talk to the TV and it can understand your commands and then play the programs or music that you’d like to hear.

  • It has an integrated camera, so you can gather with your family from the sofa and do Zoom calls with your friends and relatives all over the world.

  • It’s also a video game player! And the unit’s integrated camera can auto-detect your body in 3D space so you can use it as a game controller. What?!? Yup.

  • Oh, and the TV has its own built-in fitness programs, too. In fact, the integrated camera can be used to auto-detect how well (or not!) your body is keeping up with the on-screen fitness class that you’re viewing.

Holy shit, this thing sounds fucking amazing, doesn’t it?!

In case you think I’m making this up, I assure you: it’s 100% real. You can sign up RIGHT NOW at and get one of these kick-ass devices for free! The company is already giving away 500,000 of these devices, so you should sign up immediately to get one, right?

Um, NO. You shouldn’t grab one of these devices in a million fucking years. And here’s why…

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