Oct 12, 2021 • 14M

Episode #50 - How to Get Free "Domain" Email

Have a Website or Some URLs? Use This Nifty Trick to Bypass Monthly Email Fees.

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David Koff
TechTalk is a podcast that's meant to help absolute beginners and non-technical people learn about technology in a fun and informative way. We don't talk over your head! Instead, we use everyday language to make sure that you understand all of the important subjects and challenges that we discuss. Tech is important: let's learn about it together in a fun and funny way.
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Domain Email vs. Regular Email

Anyone can get free email addresses and most everyone does. In fact, free email accounts are so popular, that I now just refer to them as “regular email”.

Regular Email

I’ve got regular email through services like ProtonMail, Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft. Some of those addresses I use regularly, others not so much. While I us…

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